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A Basic Guide to Exporting
A Basic Guide to Exporting addresses virtually every issue a company looking to export might face. Numerous sections, charts, lists and definitions throughout the book

Breaking Into The Trade Game: A Small Business Guide
Guide to export marketing aimed at small businesses in the U.S, providing tools to succeed in the international marketplace - deals with making the export decision; making the E-connection; identifying international markets; foreign market entry; and other foreign trade techniques; export financing, transporting goods internationally; strategic alliances and foreign investment opportunities; contains a glossary of international trade acronyms and terms; includes index.

Business Magazines
Business magazine subscriptions: The Economist, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Inc., Money

Changing Global Marketplace and Meeting Challenges
The world markets have changed enormously in the past decade. New markets have been opened with the end of cold war. New economic blocks have been formed. New trading alliances are shaping. Inevitably, a new way of thinking and approach to doing business is necessary in order to survive in the fast changing economy.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Market Overviews 2015
Cosmetics and Toiletries Market Overviews 2015

Dangers of Imbalance in International Trade
In layperson's parlance, the trade surplus means earn more and spend less, while the trade deficit means spend more and earn less...

Doing Business with GSA (PDF)
The General Services Administration (GSA) in U.S., the world's largest consumer buys a wide spectrum of products and services for federal agencies. Find out what they buy, how they buy, where to start and how to market to them etc.

Elements of Global Marketing Success
To be successful, it helps to know why so many export businesses do not succeed. Success cannot be rushed by high hopes. Rather, it comes incrementally.

Export Phobia and Mindset
Fear comes naturally to anyone new to exporting. Fear of the unknown, or lack of information, is one of the reasons that many businesses that are doing well nationally are reluctant to engage in exporting...

Forms - Export Documentation (PDF)
Samples of common documents used in the export process, such as Air Waybill, Straight Bill of Lading, Pro Forma Invoice, Export Quotation Worksheet, commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Insurance Certificate, Shipper's Letter of Instructions, Letter of Credit and Draft Transmittal Letter

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