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Export Phobia and Mindset

Export Phobia

Fear comes naturally to anyone new to exporting. Fear of the unknown, or lack of information, is one of the reasons that many businesses that are doing well nationally are reluctant to engage in exporting.

Fear of the unknown encourages deeper thinking. By thinking and careful planning, the risk of failure in exporting can be reduced. Never allow fear to impede exporting. Exporting is vital to the growth and prosperity of the company and the country.

The process of exporting is not like a walk in the park. Neither is the process like mastering Beethoven's piano sonatas and concertos. Exporting is never easy but it can be learned and can be done well. The process of exporting is challenging!

Export Mindset

The business ground is a battleground. Exporting, like any other business, involves risks. It is necessary to prepare for the challenges and the consequences. Engaging in exporting is akin to engaging in a war. It is a war of price, quality, delivery and service. It is a battle for the business orders. It is a fight for the company's survival---profits and growth. In practice, rough strategies are often used by some exporters in order to win contracts.

Overnight export success will not happen. Short-term export profits rarely occur. Exporting requires long-term commitment from management and employees. Dedicating long hours to the business is necessary, especially for the fledgling exporter.

Problems are inevitable in exporting. New exporters will usually encounter lots of unanticipated problems. Problems cannot be solved by panicking. There is always a solution to a problem. Learning from experience is indispensable. Successful companies learn from their mistakes.

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