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Air Container Dimensions
Air Container Dimensions; capacity, weight and dimensions including photos.

APEC Key Economic Indicators Database
APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Corporation) key economic indicators database for countries around the world

Articles, Guides & Books
Articles and guides, including How to Start and Operate Your Own Profitable Import/Export Business at Home, Breaking Into The Trade Game: A Small Business Guide, Foreign trade statistics, Market information, Trade promotion organizations and many more.

ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand (AANZ)
ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand (AANZ) country list.

Asia Business Opportunity
Discover Asia business opportunity by investing and export in focus areas.

Asia Development Bank
Asian business opportunity, publications, economic and social statistics, environmental impact assessment reports etc. from the most influential bank in Asia.

Asia Economic and Financial Indicators
Provides statistical data on external, real, and monetary sectors of 19 economies in Asia and four economies from South Asia. Indicators include: GDP, inflation, industrial production, and retail sales for the real sector; trade, exchange rates, and balance of payments for the external sector; and money supply, stock prices, and banking indicators for the monetary and financial sector. Data are presented in either growth rate, index, or ratio. Level data are not provided.

Australia - Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Australia - Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

Australia - Australian Trade Commission
Australian Trade Commission

Australia Customs HS Tariff - Developing Countries (DC)
Australia Customs HS Tariff - Developing Countries (DC) list.

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