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Balance of Payments International Data (International Transactions, Services and Investment Position)
The U.S. balance of payments summarizes quarterly economic transactions of the United States with foreigners (i.e., foreign countries and international organizations). These transactions include trade in goods and services, receipts and payments of income, current and capital transfers, and transactions in U.S.-owned and foreign-owned assets.

Banks of the world
List of banks from around the world.

Basic Facts About Registering a Trademark
Basic Facts About Trademarks: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later. Defines trademarks and their functions. Includes an application form with instructions.

Basic Statistics
A collection of statistical indicators for 45 economies in Asia and the Pacific, such as the gross domestic product, inflation rate, trade balance, external debt, and fiscal balance. The publication also includes indicators of the Millennium Development Goals such as the proportion of population living below $1.25 a day, infant mortality rate, carbon dioxide emissions.

Belgium - Euronext Brussels
Euronext Brussels

Bermuda - Burmuda Stock Exchange (BSX)
Burmuda Stock Exchange (BSX)

Bilateral Investment Treaties
Bilateral Investment Treaties between U.S and countries around the world.

Brazil - BM&F Bovespa
BM&F Bovespa - Brazil Stock Exchange

Breaking Into The Trade Game: A Small Business Guide
Guide to export marketing aimed at small businesses in the U.S, providing tools to succeed in the international marketplace - deals with making the export decision; making the E-connection; identifying international markets; foreign market entry; and other foreign trade techniques; export financing, transporting goods internationally; strategic alliances and foreign investment opportunities; contains a glossary of international trade acronyms and terms; includes index.

Building Products
Office of Materials Industries (OMI) -
Building Products Exports, Lighting Products Export Prospects,
Building Products Spotlight, ITA Article: Standards and Codes in International Trade
(Sustainable Construction)

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