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This is part 1 in a series of 12 step-by-step guide to help you succeed in today's global export market.


Unique Approaches to Exporting Services

  • Careful preparation at home is the difference between export success and failure. Some 2/3 of the export effort must be done prior to crossing the international border

  • Partnering often paves the path to export success

  • Working closely with financial services providers to finance export initiatives is important

  • Checking into projects financed by International Financial Institutions often reveals new opportunities

  • Strategic marketing activities are critical to exporting success

General Profile of a Service Exporter/Firm

  • less than 15 employees
  • a niche player
  • may or may not have a specific export plan
  • yet to venture into the international marketplace
  • limited awareness of cultural factors in services exporting
  • needs to improve on networking skills outside of home market
  • yet to fully explore the advantages of partnering
  • needs to develop fine relationship selling skills
  • no internal marketing department [may use consultant]
  • no finance department [needs proactive bank assistance]
  • may turn to its industry association for support in exporting
  • unaware of government assistance options for service firms

Why Export Services?

  • Exporting opens up new markets, increases revenue, creates employment
  • Exporting levels off fluctuations in demand for your services in the domestic market
  • Exporting increases your client base, achieves overall economies of scale and heightens your competitiveness

Benefits and Challenges of Exporting Services


  • Increased sales.
    When domestic sales are good, the time is ripe for you to start exporting.

  • Higher profits.
    Your profits can rise faster, if your company's fixed costs are covered by domestic operations.

  • Reduction of dependence on traditional markets.
    You can strengthen your company by diversifying into international markets.

  • Diversified markets.
    Companies that market internationally can take advantage of booming export markets.

  • New knowledge, experience and enhanced domestic competitiveness.
    Expand your horizons! Often, new ideas, new approaches, new marketing techniques learned from exposure the global marketplace can be successfully applied in Canada.

  • Global competitiveness.
    Today, many foreign companies are entering Canadian markets while Canadian companies are exporting to international markets. Exporting paves the way to global competitiveness.


  • Marketing Invisibles.
    Unlike products, services are often intangible. It is critical to raise awareness and profile and to demonstrate credibility and competence in foreign markets. Invest the time and money required to develop and present a world-class business profile.

  • Level of Commitment.
    Your flexibility in handling foreign client challenges, combined with your willingness to commit time, effort and follow-up are attributes needed to achieve success in export markets.

  • Sensitivity to Cultural Differences.
    Conduct proper market research to familiarize yourself with the differences in language, culture, and business practices in your target market.

  • Paperwork.
    When exporting services, be prepared for some additional documentation that may be required to meet the needs of Canadian and foreign governments.

  • Accessibility.
    Foreign clients must be able to contact you quickly and easily.

  • Access to importers worldwide and RFQ
  • Free professional web site with showcase
  • Communicate with buyers directly online
  • Explore new business opportunities and much more...
  • Be where your customers are!
  • Promote and market your services
  • Receive direct quote requests
  • Back office support, set up regional offices and much more...
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