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Guide to Successful Export



How To Be Successful in Exporting Your Products and Services is a comprehensive information guide for product and service exporters, aimed at enhancing their chances for success in foreign markets. It provides answers to the most often asked questions about exporting products and services, makes it possible to determine export readiness, and helps to prepare for doing business internationally.

How To Be Successful in Exporting Your Products and Services features information on world markets for product and service exporters, available assistance, publications, useful contacts and exporting tips. It also offers numerous hot links to other relevant information sources.


1. Setting the Stage
  • Unique Approaches to Exporting Services
  • General Profile of a Service Exporter/Firm
  • Why Export Services?
  • Benefits and Challenges of Exporting Services

2. Assessing Export Readiness

  • Are You Ready to Step Onto the World Stage?
  • What is "Export Readiness?"
  • How to Use the Export Readiness Assessment Tool
  • Export Readiness Diagnostic

3. Acquiring Export Skills

  • A Key Ingredient for Success
  • Export Skills Inventory
  • Options for Acquiring Export Skills

4. Revisiting the Business Plan

  • What is a Business Plan?
  • Benefits of Having a Business Plan
  • Essential Elements of the Business Plan

5. Developing the Export Plan

  • What is an Export Plan?
  • What is Involved in Developing an Export Plan?
  • Approaches to Developing an Export Plan
  • Questions Answered by the Export Plan
  • Drafting the Export Plan

6. Researching the Market

  • International Market Research
  • Developing Your Market Research Plan
  • Types of Market Research
  • Market Information
  • Prospecting for Opportunities
  • Selecting a Target Market
  • Market Profiling Template

7. Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Definition of Marketing
  • The Marketing of Services is Different
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Positioning Your Firm
  • Effective Marketing Tools
  • Relationship Selling
  • Promoting Services
  • Comparing some factors of goods and services marketing
  • Promoting Your Firm
  • Raising Awareness and Establishing Credibility
  • Market Visits

8. Financing and Insurance

  • Defining Your Financing Needs
  • Financing and Competitiveness
  • Meeting Your Financing Needs
  • Working With Financing Sources
  • Insurance

9. Entering the Foreign Market

  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Direct Exports
  • Indirect Exports
  • Entering the Market Through Partnerships and Alliances
  • Selecting the Right Partners
  • Your Most Important Asset

10. Delivering the Service

  • Modalities and Contracts
  • Modalities
  • Selecting Your Modalities
  • Contracts

11. Operating Abroad

  • Operating Abroad
  • The International Business Environment
  • Intellectual property
  • Personnel Issues
  • Living Abroad
  • Cross Border Movement of Personnel
  • Taxation
  • Infrastructure Issues

12. Expanding Into New Markets

  • The Need to Expand
  • Providing Additional Services
  • Embarking on New Strategies
  • Expanding into New Geographic Markets

Who Will Benefit?

Business and Professional Service firms who are:

  • Potential exporters with a vision and the desire to grow
  • Occasional exporters who may have exported before, but have yet to fully commit to exporting
  • Experienced exporters looking for ways to improve their present exporting activities and wishing to assess potential new opportunities for developing additional international business
  • Exporters of goods and/or other commodities, especially those firms that also export services related to their core business. They will find that the information sources and innovative exporting techniques of service firms are useful to them as well.
  • Access to importers worldwide and RFQ
  • Free professional web site with showcase
  • Communicate with buyers directly online
  • Explore new business opportunities and much more...
  • Be where your customers are!
  • Promote and market your services
  • Receive direct quote requests
  • Back office support, set up regional offices and much more...
If your business is Trade Shows, Customs, Trade Finance, Inspection, Insurance, Trade Laws, Trade Solutions, Translation or involves in foreign trade supply chain, you will want to be part of the world largest international B2B trade community.