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Japan - Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE)
Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE)

Japan - Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Japan - Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)
Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

Japan - Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX)
Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX)

Japan Import Standards and Regulations
Numerous documents devoted to Japan's standards and regulations concerning import procedures, quarantine periods, technical requirements, etc. Section also details laws/ordinances and amendments concerning import standards and regulations.

Japan Market Reports, Guidebook for Export to Japan
Analytical reports on Japanese sectors categorized by industries and report titles. Section covers a wide range of products, services, business and industrial environments, regional enterprises, current market trends and more, with case studies and advice on market entry.

Japan Survey Reports
Reports on a wide range of topics and issues related to trade, foreign direct investment and international economic agreements.

Japanese Trade and Investment Statistics
Facts and figures about the Japanese economy, including balance of payments and international trade.

JETRO Invest Japan Report
It is a comprehensive report on current status of inward FDI in Japan, the efforts of the central and local governments to promote inward FDI, JETRO

JETRO White Paper and JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report
JETRO publishes an annual Global Trade and Investment Report (formerly published as JETRO White Paper on International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) until 2009). The paper includes JETRO's estimates for world trade and FDI figures, as well as in-depth analysis of the world economy and Japan's place in it. Previous white papers have focused on such issues as intellectual property rights, the impact of FTAs, overseas operations of Japanese firms as well as the state of foreign direct investment in Japan. The paper is first published in Japanese and later translated into English.

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