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Global B2B buy trade leads/requests RFQ database contains buying requests (RFQ) from importers and buyers around the world. Suppliers are welcome to provide quotation to these buy requests.

You can post buy request for items that you want to import or buy. Suppliers will contact you directly.

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Items Wanted Country Date
We are In High Demand To Buy BabyFoods
Cameroon Sep 06, 2020
We are In High Demand To Buy Baby Diaper's
Cameroon Sep 06, 2020
Clothing Tee Shirts Needed
Benin Sep 05, 2020
T-shirts Needed White Colors Only
Benin Sep 05, 2020
Marble & Sanitary Broom
Cameroon Sep 04, 2020
water meter
Cameroon Sep 04, 2020
Baby Diaper
Cameroon Sep 04, 2020
Singapore Aug 26, 2020
Au gold dust ,Gold dore and Gold nugget
Benin Aug 26, 2020
Products from India
India Aug 26, 2020
Inquiry about Kidney Beans.
South Sudan Aug 22, 2020
CCTV Cameras
South Sudan Aug 22, 2020
T-shirts needed in bulk
Benin Aug 21, 2020
France Aug 20, 2020
France Aug 20, 2020
Textiles & Lace Materials.
France Aug 20, 2020
France Aug 20, 2020
Parts and Accessories
France Aug 20, 2020
France Aug 20, 2020
Industrial Valves
France Aug 20, 2020
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