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Global B2B buy trade leads/requests RFQ database contains buying requests (RFQ) from importers and buyers around the world. Suppliers are welcome to provide quotation to these buy requests.

You can post buy request for items that you want to import or buy. Suppliers will contact you directly.

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Items Wanted Country Date
A4 Copy Paper 70gsm & 75gsm urgently
India Feb 04, 2019
Canned fish, Tomato sauce,Tomato paste,Coconut milk,Vegetable and Olive oils,Seasoning,etc....
United States Feb 02, 2019
Can foods, cooking oil, tomato sauce and paste, etc...
United States Feb 01, 2019
T-shirts needed in bulk
Benin Feb 01, 2019
LED,Incandescent,Compact Fluorescent,Hid,Plug-Ins,Halogen,Linear Fluorescent,Specialty
South Sudan Feb 01, 2019
Firefighter truck,Firefighter Boot,Fireman Clothing
South Sudan Jan 31, 2019
A4 copy paper
India Jan 30, 2019
Sensors, Filters, Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors, Resonators,Power Cables, Audio & Video Cables
South Sudan Jan 29, 2019
looking to buy T-shirt
Cameroon Jan 28, 2019
Raw Cotton, Bleached Cotton, Cotton Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Bean, Garra Rufa Fish
South Sudan Jan 25, 2019
CNC Lathe Machine,Dust Collector,Recycle Machine,Heating Furnace,Construction Hoist
South Sudan Jan 25, 2019
WC Spraying Powder (WC10C4C, Irregular Shape, 45-25um)
China Jan 25, 2019
power transformer
Nigeria Jan 24, 2019
bread flour
Nigeria Jan 24, 2019
men shirts
Nigeria Jan 24, 2019
WC Spraying Powder ( 25-5 um, Spherical, WC10Co4Cr)
China Jan 23, 2019
copper Cathodes and wire scraps
Cameroon Jan 23, 2019
Gold bars
Cameroon Jan 23, 2019
Insecticides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides, Biopesticides,Urea, Organic Fertilizer
South Sudan Jan 22, 2019
Instant Grain Products,Instant Noodles,Instant Powder Drinks,Instant Rice,Canned Beverage
South Sudan Jan 22, 2019
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