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BP No 6152, Aeroport International De Tahiti FAA'A, Papeete, French Polynesia
Country: PF
Telephone: +689 86.61.00
Fax: +689 85.53.11

Immeuble Le Caill, Fare Ute, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Country: PF
Telephone: +689 542490
Fax: +689 413570

Building Puea Pahonu, FR-98715, French Polynesia
Country: PF
Telephone: +689 500173
Fax: +689 812200

Logistique & Transit Polynesie (LTP)
Immeuble Le Caill, 1er ├ętage Fare Ute BP98713 , Papeete
Country: PF
Telephone: +689 542490
Fax: +689 413570

Pacific Gate Logistics
Immeuble Le Caill Fare Ute Papeete , Papeete
Country: PF
Telephone: +689 425 425
Fax: +689 450 921

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