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Freight Rate Requests System

Freight rate requests system allows importers, exporters and freight forwarders to send and receive freight rates from members of Foreign Trade Online.

If you are a freight transportation company, you can reply to the request with your quote. If you require a shipment, you can submit a freight quote request in order to receive competitive rates. Freight companies will contact you directly.

Request a Freight Quote

Italy Saudi Arabia Sea Freight Sep 17, 2020
India Nigeria Sea Freight Apr 28, 2020
Norway Viet Nam Sea Freight Apr 28, 2020
China Italy Sea Freight Apr 14, 2020
United States United States Truck Freight Apr 06, 2020
China Singapore Air Freight Mar 22, 2020
United States Poland Sea Freight Jan 12, 2020
Indonesia Kiribati Sea Freight Jan 03, 2020
Zambia Egypt Not sure Nov 08, 2019
China Zambia Sea Freight Oct 01, 2019
China France Sea Freight Jul 01, 2019
France Philippines Air Freight May 21, 2019
India Greece Sea Freight Apr 03, 2019
Spain Nigeria Intermodal Mar 07, 2019
Indonesia United States Sea Freight Feb 22, 2019
Canada Ghana Not sure Jan 24, 2019
Canada Nigeria Sea Freight Jan 11, 2019
Turkey Mali Air Freight Jan 06, 2019
Nigeria India Sea Freight Jan 03, 2019
Nigeria India Sea Freight Dec 29, 2018
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