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B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL) - List F

Global B2B supplier and buyer blacklist (SBBL) database contains user-generated list of suppliers and buyers (including factories, brokers, trading companies, companies in the supply chain and buyers etc.) from around the world that have been reported due to fraud, scam, unresolved dispute, deceiving or unethical practices.

If your company has been a victim of fraud, scam or unethical practices, you can report it and warn others. Only volume import/export incidents are reviewed (No individual purchases).


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Company Country Incident
Flyng Int'l Technology Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 275
Fmx Industrial Co., Ltd.
China 276
Folba Oil Limited SDN
Malaysia 277
Forest Impression Native Product Co., Ltd.
China 278
Forever Belief (HK) Trading Ltd.
China 279
China 280
Foshan Chancheng District Weituo Factory
China 281
Foshan City Jinfan Trading Co., Ltd.
China 282
Foshan City Nanhai Kaishuo Hardware Electrical Firm
China 283
Foshan City Nanhai Zhuangying Electrical Trading Firm
China 284
Foshan City Shunde Tailong Colored Printing Co., Ltd.
China 285
Foshan Jinfan Trade Co., Ltd.
China 286
Foshan Nanhai Newface Beauty Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.
China 287
Foshan Nanogress Porcellanato Co., Ltd.
China 288
Foshan Winbo Building Material, China
China 289
France 290
Free Bird Industry Ltd
China 291
Free Shop
China 292
Freedom Gifts Limited
China 1420
China 293
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