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wiremesh iron wire nails
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  • Wiremesh Iron Wire Nails
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wiremesh iron wire nails

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Dear Mr. Lovatt,
Have the pleasure of knowing your esteemed company as a importer of iron wire from Internet. It is on this subject we approach you today in the hope of establishing business relations with you.

As a prelude, please let us take this opportunity to introduce us as a manufactory who has been specializing in producing metal wire mesh for nearly 30 years, our main products are E.Galv. or Hot dipped galv. after weaving (welding) hexagonal wire netting, welded wire mesh, sqaure mesh,chain link fence, aluminium screen nettting, galv. iron screen netting, stainless steel cloth, Electro-Glav. iron wire, pvc coated iron wire, fiber glass net.etc.

In the past years, we have been suppling our products to the exporters, the quality are welcomed by our clients; the good news is that we are granting the rights of exporting our goods by our government this year, so in order to establish our overseas market, we hope could get your assistance in promoting our products at your end, where there is a big demands for these lines by our info. With the rich expertise in producing the items, we could guarantee you a superior quality; being the manufactory we are s
ure could offer you a more favorable price and quick delivery!

For the hexagonal wire netting to European countries, our quality could meet BS 1485 : 1993 and number of dips to be withstood by zinc coated wires in accordance with BS 443.

If you think we could work for you, welcomed to contact us.

Awaiting your kind reply, we remain

Best regards

Dingzhou Five-Star Metal Wire Mesh Manufactory
Liusu Industrial Zone, Dingzhou City, Hebei, China
Tel: +86-312 2604444
Fax: +86-312 2603146
Email: [email protected]
wiremesh iron wire nails
City/State dingzhou, hebei Country: China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1990
Member Since: 2002 Contact Person Yier Dang
City/State/Country -
dingzhou, hebei
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Yier Dang