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textile fabric,cotton stretch and table cloth
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  • Textile Fabric Cotton Stretch And Table
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textile fabric,cotton stretch and table cloth

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textile fabric
100% Cotton Twill For Face fabric
100% Cotton for Bedding Articles or Shirt
100% Cotton Figured Cloth
T/C Poplin or Twill
Facsimile Fabric
Spun Rayon Fabric

100% Cotton Stretch
corduroy Dyed , printed , indigo & pigment corduroy denim and tricot corduroy cotton corduroy t/c corduroy velvet corduroy stretch velvet corduroy polyester corduroy 1. Pure cotton corduroy:4.5w,6w,8w,11w,14w,16w,21w,28w;
2. Pure cotton weft stretch corduroy:6w,8w,11w,14w,16w,21w,28w;
3. T/c corduroy:8w,12w,14w,16w;
4. Cotton velvet corduroy:14w,16w,18w;
5. Stretch velvet corduroy:16w,24w;
6. Indigo & pigment denim corduroy and others
7. 100% polyester corduroy
table cloth table cover
automotive parts airbag module airbag inflator airbag cushion airbag electronic airbag initiator electric fuel pump electric motor brake drum brake rotor engine mount leaf helper spring air filter;
small red bean red reyin bean broad beans red cowpeas red kidney beans soya beans white peas peanut kernel sunflower seeds sesame seeds white melon seeds oat meals dried peppers red dates pear.
textile fabric,cotton stretch and table cloth

Company: shijiazhuang fangyu import and exprot corp.
City/State shijiazhuang, hebei Country: China  
Business Type: Export/Import - Trading Company Established: 1991
Member Since: 2003 Contact Person wang jian gang
City/State/Country -
shijiazhuang, hebei
Business Type -
Export/Import - Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
wang jian gang