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Thermal Pad
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  • Thermal Pad
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Thermal Pad

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Product Details
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Specification: 345mm x 345mm x 0.2mm thick
Packaging & Delivery
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Product Description
THERMAL PAD, a polyethylene base laminated with aluminum foil, is a good insulation product for heat and moisture isolation. The convenient, functional and easy application makes THERMAL PAD be useful and efficient to isolate the snow, dirt, heat and moisture from ground when take a seat on it. Take a THERMAL PAD on hand whenever go out for skiing, picnic, watching a game...etc., NEVER worry the trousers or skirt to be dirtied by moisture or dirt, as it will always bring you a clean appearance and good mood.

Characteristics :

1.Packed by poly bag for carrying easily

2.Repeated use and Economical

3.Capable to isolate snow, dirt, heat and moisture from ground efficiently

4.Non-Toxic & Environment-friendly

5.Easy application on any kind of ground

6.Free dirty to keep the clothes always clean

Application :

1.Outdoor Stadium - isolate heat, moisture or dirt when take a seat on the ground

2.Snowy Ground - isolate the moisture to prevent the wetting of rousers or skirt whenever sit on snowy or wetting ground.

3.Grassplot - prevent the clothes from the contact with dirt or grass, always keep the clean appearance and good mood to view the sight.


Each piece sealed in a poly bag; 120pcs/bags in one Standard Export Carton.
Thermal Pad

Company: Florex Insulation Co., Ltd.
City/State Kaohsiung, Taiwan Country: Taiwan - Province of China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1978
Member Since: 2002 Contact Person Mr. John J. H. Chen
City/State/Country -
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Taiwan - Province of China  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Mr. John J. H. Chen