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Supply Black wire cloth, Punching hole mesh
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  • Supply Black Wire Cloth Punching Hole
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Supply Black wire cloth, Punching hole mesh

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Black wire cloth
material: Selecting superior low carbon steel wire.weaving and characteristics: Plain weave or twill weave. Can be punched into various filtering wire mesh discs.
usefulness: Be utilized on filtration in the industries of rubber, plastic, oil, chemistry and food.
Punching hole mesh
material: low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminium plate, AL-Mg alloy plate.weaving and characteristics: it is punched to meshes, winding-resisting, ageing-resisting, corrosion-resisting, the top of meshes is smooth, it is strong and wear-resisting.usefulness: used in filter of automobile's internal-combustion's engine of mine, medicine, grain, sound insulation of room, ventilate of grain depot, etc.
Supply Black wire cloth, Punching hole mesh

Company: hengshuo commercial
City/State hengshui, china/hebei Country: China  
Business Type: Export/Import - Trading Company Established: 1983
Member Since: 2003 Contact Person rea zhang
City/State/Country -
hengshui, china/hebei
Business Type -
Export/Import - Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
rea zhang