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Smooth n' Natural
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Smooth n' Natural

Price: US$ 33.00
Minimum Order:
Payment Terms: Credit Card preferred or Agreement
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Product Details
Model No.: Brand Name:
Specification: Minimum initial order - 1000 pcs
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Product Description
The Smooth n' Natural facial peel system is a must for those wishing to improve the quality of their skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing the skin. Designed and developed by plastic surgeons, it contains alpha-hydroxy, or fruit acids which have long been known to rejuvenate the skin. The Smooth & Natural products include both glycolic acid and lactic acid in an easy to use system. The kit includes enough product to last 4 to 5 months! Recent scientific findings have shown that regular use of glycolic acid products on the face actually thickens the epidermis and aligns the deeper collagen layers of the skin to become more youthful. And it can do the same for you!
Smooth n' Natural
Company: Great Look Products INC.
City/State Amherst, NY Country: United States  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1993
Member Since: 2001 Contact Person Benjamin
City/State/Country -
Amherst, NY
United States  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -