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Portable Multi Foramt Digital Audio Player-MP3/AAC/WMA
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  • Portable Multi Foramt Digital Audio Player
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Portable Multi Foramt Digital Audio Player-MP3/AAC/WMA

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Product Details
Model No.: Brand Name:
Specification: Multi Format Player for WMA/AAC/MP3,Window Media Player 7.0 Plug-in,Easy Upgrade and SDMI Compliant,High Soung Quality-5 band Equalizer,USB pc interface,Clear Voice Recording quality, Compact size-smaller than business cards
Packaging & Delivery
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Product Description

Expand the Memory Without Extra Charge!
16 WMA music files in 32MB!
Just Need One Player to Enjoy WMA, AAC and MP3 file format !

- Decoding file format : WMA (32Kpbs~196Kbps)
AAC (32Kbps~256Kbps)
MP3 (32Kpbs ~320Kbps)

- Size & Weight : 58¡¿83¡¿20(mm), 55(g)

- Internal Memory : 32/48/64/96 MB
External Memory : SMC 16/32/64MB

- PC Interface : USB cable

- Voice Recording : ADPCM (2hours in 32MB)

- Download Software : Windows Media Player 7.0 & CAP Station

- EQ Mode :

- Playing Time : 12 hours long

- Batteries : DC+1.5V¡¿ 2 AAA Alkaline

- SDMI Compliant

- S/N(L/R) : 90dB

- Including : Back headphone, USB cable, Install S/W CD, Manual,
Batteries, Neck strap

Portable Multi Foramt Digital Audio Player-MP3/AAC/WMA
Company: CVC Networks Co., Ltd.
City/State Kunpo City, Kyunggi Do Country: Korea - Republic of  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1998
Member Since: 2000 Contact Person Simon Koo
City/State/Country -
Kunpo City, Kyunggi Do
Korea - Republic of  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Simon Koo