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One Step Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV) Test (Strip and Cassette Format)
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  • One Step Hepatitis C Anti HCV
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One Step Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV) Test (Strip and Cassette Format)

Price: US$ 0.33 for strips and 0.48 for Cards
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Payment Terms: N/A
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Specification: strip and cassette
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Product Description
The One-Step Anti-Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV) Tests are qualitative immunoassays for detecting antibodies in serum that are specific to the Hepatitis C Antigen.

Qualitative results in 10-20 minutes

High sensitivity and specificity

No additional instrumentation or reagents required

Qualitative results are easy to read, require no additional instrumentation or reagents, and are determined in 10-20 minutes. The One-Step Anti-Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV) Test is an effective aid in the screening and diagnosis of Hepatitis C infection
One Step Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV) Test (Strip and Cassette Format)
Company: Beijing Blue Cross Biotech Co., Ltd.
City/State Beijing, Beijing Country: China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: NA
Member Since: 2001 Contact Person Marilyn Zhang
City/State/Country -
Beijing, Beijing
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Marilyn Zhang