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KDC-110  (square type DSC & web cam)
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  • KDC 110 Square Type DSC Web
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KDC-110 (square type DSC & web cam)

Price: Contact for latest price
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Payment Terms: FOB KOREA
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Product Details
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Specification: N/A
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Product Description
-It is stylish compact size and the lightest weight :
* KDC-110 is smaller than credit card.

-It is stylish compact size and the lightest weight :

-It is Three in one function : Take video, still shots or use as a PC camera
when you talk to friends and family.
PC Camera : Attach your product to the system using the supplied USB cable.
Then open NetMeeting video-conferencing programs included to use your
product as a PC camera.
Digital Camera : You can take your product anywhere and snap spontaneous
shots easily -- just point and shoot. After uploading the pictures, you can edit
any of the photos.
Digital Camcorder : You can also take video with your product. Make your
memories come alive with video clip feature. Now you can capture the fun on
video for up to 10 seconds, then e-mail it to loved ones.

Special Features
Optical view finder frame : You can focus the camera on the object
easily with this view finder frame.
Adjustable lens (Macro to normal mode) : You can take the picture of
document or business card with macro function.
Three in one : Digital still camera, Web camera, Digital camcorder (clip
motion by AVI format :10sec. Under VGA)
Low power consumption
(Operating; 110mA, Standby 30 days;1.5 mA, 1,000 pictures 1 available)
4 elements of glass lens
Backup battery (Duration 2 minutes for battery change)
Clear & better picture quality
LED built in
Mac. And Win. Compatible driver
Software : MGI 3.0, Photo bank, AVI creator, MS Net meeting,
Driver for Mac. & Win.
Multi languages manual & S/W
-Western: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
-Eastern: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

Internal memory : SDRAM 8MB

Image capacity (Low resolution) : 107 (SIF / 320 x 240)

Image Capacity(high resolution) : 26 (VGA / 640 x 480)

Macro focus distance : 10~15 Cm
White balance options : Auto

Lens :
Focal length : f=6.0, View Angle-56ý?
Normal lens position :50 cm~infinity, Macro lens position : 10~15Cm

Interface : USB Interface
KDC-110  (square type DSC & web cam)
Company: KOCOM. CO., LTD
City/State Seoul, Seoul Country: Korea - Republic of  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1976
Member Since: 2001 Contact Person Jin Ho, Song
City/State/Country -
Seoul, Seoul
Korea - Republic of  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Jin Ho, Song