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JDX Typeflexible rubber joint For construction
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  • JDX Typeflexible Rubber Joint For Construction
  • JDX Typeflexible Rubber Joint For Construction
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JDX Typeflexible rubber joint For construction

Price: US$ $4.99-199 / Piece
Minimum Order: 10pcs
Payment Terms: T/T,LC/Western Union
Port of Export: Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
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Product Details
Model No.: JDX Brand Name: shunying
Specification: flexible rubber joint coupling
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging: Wooden boxes, cartons, according to customer needs
Delivery/Lead Time: 15-20days
Production Capacity: 100000 pieces/month
Product Description
JDX Typeflexible rubber joint For construction
Rubber Joint
Reduced Rubber Joint Coupling is consist of fabric reinforced and metal flange loose joint.
It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, high flexibility, easy installation, long service life.
Reduced Rubber Joint, also known as flexible rubber joint coupling, flexible rubber joints, rubber joints, rubber shock absorbers, rubber expansion joints and so on. The product consists of inner and outer layers of plastic, ply and bead composition tubular rubber parts, high temperature, high pressure molding after curing with metal flanges or parallel connector loose jacket combination. This product utilizes the high elasticity of rubber, high gas resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability and resistance to radiation and other advantages to reduce vibration and noise, and thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes from the compensation due to the widely used various piping systems.
Reduced Rubber Joint Coupling:
(1) Economy: Compared with the systems of mechanic stretching and material damping, Reduced Rubber Coupling has the advantages of little space covering, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, labor saving and low cost. Its smooth inner wall can reduce flow resistance. It has good water tightness, so there is no need of gasket during the installation. It has wide application, large temperature-resistance scope and long working life. (This product can be used for 20 years if it is used indoors.)
(2) Displacement: Flange is free from pipe decentraction and imbalance. Its good flexibility allows compression, extension, distortion, deflection of vertical displacement, etc. which can prevent the pipeline from damage of deformation and foundation settlement arising from expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold.
(3) Shock and noise absorption: The large damping of rubber sphere can effectively buffer and isolate vibration, control and reduce mechanical vibration, and absorb fluid impact noise. The reasonable installation between vibrating machine and metal pipe can decrease structure-borne noise by 15-25 decibels.
(4) Pressure resistance: The multilayered sphere structure can especially endure internal pressure, withstand strong blasting force and impact, and prevent deformation from external pressure. There are many pressure standards on work piece.
(5) Reducibility: After external force compressed, the Reduced Rubber Joint can recover to original state when this force is removed.
(6) Wide application: Different rubber material and formula can make product possess different resistance to heat, oil, corrosion, age, abrasion and ozone.
Medium: Water, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, refined oil, air, gas, steam and particulate powder.
Size(MM) DN50-DN300 DN350-DN600
Working Pressure(Bar) 10 16
Bust pressure(Bar) 20 15
Vacuum(mm Hg) 650 400
JDX Typeflexible rubber joint For construction
JDX Typeflexible Rubber Joint For Construction
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Company: Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd.
City/State Zhengzhou, Henan Country: China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 2018
Member Since: 2019 Contact Person Amy Zhang
City/State/Country -
Zhengzhou, Henan
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Amy Zhang