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DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER - Stand-alone (Embedded) Type
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  • DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER Stand Alone Embedded
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DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER - Stand-alone (Embedded) Type

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Product Description
Most of professionals in security industry forecast non-PC based DVR(orreferred to as stand-alone DVR) shall be more and more popular in the market and shall become a standard of digital video recorder.
Utiss developed 3 different models of stand-alone DVR with design target of industry's highest resolution, highest frame rate not only for live monitoring but also recording on the level of real moving picture in each channel, and high stability and reliability.
Built-in function of recording on Quad/Multiplexer and field switcher mode enables to replace conventional analog CCTV device very economically.

* Features:
- The most economical&competitive system.
- Perfect reliability&stability of Stand-Alone Digital Video Recording System
- 4CH display&recording simultaneously
- Diverse recording type available such like Real Time, Motion, Sensor, Schedule, Real Time&Alarm, Motion&Alarm
- High resolution digital recording&quality picture
- Easy to install&convenient use with remote controller
- Real time remote monitoring/controlling of multi-site&user available
- Automatic alarm, POP-UP function&Alarm list available
- Display&Recording mode selectable of QUAD(Real-Time)or Field(Highresolution)
- Convenient removable HDD available for Backup
- Easy to expand HDD capacity up to 5 Bay(Total22 HDD including 2 Internal HDD)
- Fully replace Time Lapse VCR&QUAD Splitter by using built-in function of recording on Quad/Multiplexer and Field Switcher mode.
- No Pre-formatting required in HDD by using our own unique file system
- Zoom function/PIP Function/Pan&Tilt/Loop Output/S-Video/VCR&Video Printer
DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER - Stand-alone (Embedded) Type

Company: JC PROS CO., LTD.
City/State Seoul, Seoul Country: Korea - Republic of  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1998
Member Since: 2001 Contact Person JC Cho
City/State/Country -
Seoul, Seoul
Korea - Republic of  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
JC Cho