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CubeIQ - Container Loading Optimizer
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  • CubeIQ Container Loading Optimizer
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CubeIQ - Container Loading Optimizer

Price: US$ 2,400
Minimum Order:
Payment Terms: Wire Funds, Company Check, Credit Card
Port of Export:
Product Details
Model No.: Brand Name:
Specification: Windows 2000, NT
Packaging & Delivery
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Production Capacity:
Product Description
CubeIQ loading optimizer is the most advanced on the market. It was designed from the ground up to handle not just rectangular containers, but also ULD's. Technically, CubeIQ uses a truly 3-dimensional approach. In that sense it differs from currently available commercial systems, most of which use a so-called wall-building approach (that is, a repeated 2-dimensional one). As a result, CubeIQ also optimizes the difficult case of loading few large packages in different sizes, which is much more difficult than that of many packages in few sizes.

CubeIQ optimizes the loading of packages/boxes in one
or more containers. The system can help you both in the
estimating phase, and in the actual loading on the basis
of its clear, picture based, printed loading instructions.

CubeIQ is built around a full-scale data base, allowing
you to pre-define containers and packages, and to store
and retrieve complete loading cases. The system has full
data import and export facilities. You can even send
complete loadings to other Cube-IQ systems, for example
at subsidiaries or suppliers abroad.

CubeIQ has a complete graphical User Interface, with point
and click to build up loading jobs, and with on-screen
and printed graphics. You can check from any angle how
loads are built up.

CubeIQ has the most advanced loading optimizer in
existence. Our customers report typical improvements in
space utilization of around 15%! In comparisons with other
system, we always come out on top.

CubeIQ - Container Loading Optimizer

Company: CargoSmith LLC
City/State Fremont, CA Country: United States  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1996
Member Since: 2000 Contact Person Gary Chen
City/State/Country -
Fremont, CA
United States  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Gary Chen