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Colex Insulation Sleeve & Sheet
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  • Colex Insulation Sleeve Sheet
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Colex Insulation Sleeve & Sheet

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Product Description
Colex Insulation Sleeve & Sheet is made from polyethylene, corss-linkage agent and foaming agent in batch process under the condition of high pressure (about 2000 PSIG) and high temperature (about 150 to 200 degree C). Each micro foam cell is chemically bonded to form a tightly closed structure; therefore, our foam is 100% closed-cell and will not absorb moisture inside to cause condensation in the cell. Even exists under the pure oxygen or below the utmost low temperature (-196 degree C ) for years, the chemical bond of Colex foam will not be degraded. Consequently, it could be used over 30 years and its operation temperature range affords to endure from 100 to -196 degree C.

Furthermore, our Colex foam has the excellent floating ability on water. Even thrust by sharp material, the floating strength will not be reduced. It is rather suitable for the application on vessel and floating materials.

Characteristics :

1.Effective Control of Condensation

2.Elastic & Energy-saving

3.Zero Water Vapor Permeability

4.Zero Moisture Absorption

5.Zero Growth of Mold or Mildew

6.Able to wrap any shape of tanks, roof, or pipes

Application :

1.Engineering Insulation: Liquid Nitrogen pipelines and equipment, Ammonia refrigeration system, storage tanks, Brain water pipelines of plant, raw material pipelines and equipment of refinery and petrochemical plant

2.Air-condition Insulation: chilling waters, chillers, and ducts of air conditioner, etc.

3.Building Insulation: hot-water pipeline, roof, excrements drainage pipeline

4.Others: package, fishery, agriculture, toys, and sport equipment, etc.
Colex Insulation Sleeve & Sheet

Company: Florex Insulation Co., Ltd.
City/State Kaohsiung, Taiwan Country: Taiwan - Province of China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1978
Member Since: 2002 Contact Person Mr. John J. H. Chen
City/State/Country -
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Taiwan - Province of China  
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Mr. John J. H. Chen