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BitDefender (AVX- Antivirus eXpert) Product Family- Data Security Software
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  • BitDefender AVX Antivirus EXpert Product Family
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BitDefender (AVX- Antivirus eXpert) Product Family- Data Security Software

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BitDefender Enterprise Manager:

centralized, scalable, multi-platform management of antivirus protection solution for any size network. Reduces not only the cost of virus infections but also network bandwidth, due to its small installation size, fast virus scanning speed, automatically update and no cost technical support during the license term

BitDefender for Mail Servers:

superior solution for proactive e-mail traffic filtering in any size organizations. Offers unprecedented inbound and outbound e-mail traffic management features through a simple and intuitive interface.

BitDefender Internet Gateway Defender:

comprehensive solution designed for Internet traffic scanning and management to secure Web browsing. Enhance employees’ efficiency by blocking access to unproductive web content.

BitDefender FileServer Defender:

advanced virus defense system designed for easy and dependable protection for key-point information at file server level. Keep your critical business information free of any virus attack.

BitDefender Professional:

unique, superior package, combining powerful antivirus engines with advanced Internet filtering technologies. Keep your PC safe from viruses, Trojans, Internet worms and other malicious applications.

BitDefender Home Edition:

especially designed package to include features specific to the security needs of the home-users market. Essential antivirus protection for your personal computer.

Competitive advantages:


Unique proprietary technologies based on innovative ideas and trends in information security industry.


6 years experience in data security field and virus analysis.


In-house virus and threats analysis with great response time (the first in the world to release Nimda or Badtrans.B removing tools, less then 24 hours after virus outbreak).


High quality services, providing non-stop personalized technical support.


Young and flexible team of computer engineers specialized in information security issues.


Quality certification for software development processes (ISO 9001).
BitDefender (AVX- Antivirus eXpert) Product Family- Data Security Software

Company: Softwin SRL
City/State Bucharest, sect 2 Country: Romania  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 1990
Member Since: 2002 Contact Person Monica Gheorghiu
City/State/Country -
Bucharest, sect 2
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Monica Gheorghiu