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AY (SSJB) Gland bush telescopic joint
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  • AY SSJB Gland Bush Telescopic Joint
  • AY SSJB Gland Bush Telescopic Joint
  • AY SSJB Gland Bush Telescopic Joint
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AY (SSJB) Gland bush telescopic joint

Price: US$ $4.99-199 / Piece
Minimum Order: 10pcs
Payment Terms: T/T,LC/Western Union
Port of Export: Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
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Product Details
Model No.: AY (SSJB)  Brand Name: shunying
Specification: Gland Sleeve Expansion Joint
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging: Wooden boxes, cartons, according to customer needs
Delivery/Lead Time: 15-20days
Production Capacity: 100000 pieces/month
Product Description
AY (SSJB) Gland bush telescopic joint
Gland Sleeve Expansion Joint
Dresser Coupling Joint on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual needs of the research and development of a new pipeline connector, reasonable product structure design, reliable sealing performance; ends The socket connection, installation and removal easy. Suitable for connection to transport water, oil, gas and particulate powder steel pipe, cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, PAC tube, ABS tube, connected at the same time be able to compensate for the axial displacement of the pipe and a certain amount of deflection and eccentricity.
Dresser Coupling Joint:
1. Self -anchoring couplings and flange adpators
2. For ductile iron or steel pipes
3. Easy to use and to install
4. All weather installation
5. Can even be installed under water
6. Easier fitting on oval pipes
7. Ideal for pumped sewerage pipelines
It is suitable for delivery water including freshwater, warm water, tap water, seawater and sewage from marine, petroleum chemistry, water and electricity, construction, coal mine, light industry, as well as of fluid with acid and alkali, oil (diesel oil, gasoline, crude oil, residual oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil), gas (air, vapor and coal gas) and other solid materials (cement, slack coal, cinder, sand grain and mine particle).
When install, Connect both two sides with pipes without welding. Dresser Coupling Joint is equipped with stop block. Nuts lock the maximum expansion strength. Thus the pipe can extend freely in the maximum space. The equipment is suitable for vibrating or sloping pipes.
AY (SSJB) Gland bush telescopic joint
AY SSJB Gland Bush Telescopic Joint
AY SSJB Gland Bush Telescopic Joint
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Company: Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd.
City/State Zhengzhou, Henan Country: China  
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company Established: 2018
Member Since: 2019 Contact Person Amy Zhang
City/State/Country -
Zhengzhou, Henan
Business Type -
Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
Established -
Member Since -
Contact Person -
Amy Zhang