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   2017 China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair (G & A 2017)  Date: Aug 11th-13th  Venue: Zhongshan Convention Center/Sub-venue :GDGameCity

2017 China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair (G & A 2017) Date: Aug 11th-13th Venue: Zhongshan Convention Center/Sub-venue :GDGameCity

Date: Aug. 11, 2017 - Aug. 13, 2017
Venue: Zhongshan Convention Center/Sub-venue :GDGameCity
Address: Zhongshan Convention Center/Sub-venue :GDGameCity
City, State/Prov.: Zhongshan
Country: China  
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Trade Show Information
First held in 2008, G & A managed to become the world’s most forward-looking and the most attractive high-end trading fair at one stroke with contracts worth millions of RMB signed at site. From 2010 to 2016, G & A was embedded in 《Guangdong Culture-rich Province Planning Framework》, the exhibition scale rose from 44,000sqm to 75,000sqm, and the number of exhibitors has risen from 243 to more than 400, which makes G & A one of the largest-scale game and amusement fair in China.

Exhibitors Information
G & A2016 Retrospection and G & A2017 Prospection
Before we have a sneak peek at G & A 2017, let’s have a little review of G & A2016.
Breaking the records for the size of the trade show floor (75,000 sq.m) and the number of exhibitors (400 exhibitors), G & A 2016 was considered a great success and surpassed the expectation of everyone in every aspect. In G & A2016, you were able to meet 18,523 professional buyers from across the sector, with widely varying needs.
G & A2016 could be divided into 3 main exhibition areas:Theme Parks & Attractions Pavilion, E-Game(Arcade Game) Pavilion and Amusement Equipment Pavilion. Many renowned enterprises home and abroad were attracted to attend the show , which showed effectiveness of G & A2016 as a trading platform to bridge China’s and the world’s game and amusement markets.
After attending G & A2016, professionals and purchasing groups from more than 46 countries all declared that they couldn’t wait to participate in G & A2017. You may ask what charm G & A2017 have possessed to enchant so many insiders in this field. The answers will be as follows.

Attendee Information
China Ushering in a Golden Age of Game and Amusement
According to World Tourism Organization, when a country or region’s per capita GDP passes 5,000 USD, its tourism will reach the point of maturity. According to statistics, by 2015, China’s per capita GDP has exceeded 8,000 USD, which means that tourism products, such as theme parks, water parks, etc, will be in great demand. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be another 64 newly built theme parks in China with up to 166.3 million potential visitors, attracting 23.8 billion USD of investment.

Guangdong Province, the Pacesetter of China’s Game and Amusement Industry
−According to a research done by TEA/AECOM, among the world’s top 10 theme parks, 4 are Chinese enterprises and Guangdong province is the cradle of 3 of them. Besides, Guangdong is also the province that has the most theme parks in China. These remarkable achievements are the result of Guangdong’s thriving game and amusement industry. It is said that almost 90% of China’s game machines and amusement equipment are made in Guangdong and a considerable part of their products are exported to over 100 countries and regions. Game and amusement industry has become one of the main pillars that is supporting Guangdong’s economy.
−As such an important source of fiscal revenue, Guangdong’s game and amusement industry has been receiving much attention from the local government.
−What’s more, Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry City(GDGameCity)
has been confirmed as one of the key tourism projects supported by the government. Its plan is to become China’s biggest game and amusement research and development base and technological innovation center in the next five years, and ultimately the world’s most influential trading center of game and amusement products and derivatives.
To sum up, Chinese residents are looking for more game and amusement products to meet their spiritual needs and the Chinese government is also strongly supporting the development of game and amusement industry. Under these two stimulus, China’s game and amusement market is entering into a prosperous period and it is time for you to expand your business to China.

On behalf of G & A Committee, we sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming event. See you in Zhongshan!

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