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Country: United States
Name: greg clark
Company: CAI
Address: USA
Phone: 8184386083
Request Date: Oct 15, 2011
Buy Request

PHONE: 8184386083


We are seeking sellers of CMOs (collateralized mortgage obligations). 1st buyer will close only Seller's Trader/securities officer to buyer's trader. Can take down large quantities. ALL CASH TRANSACTION! Price must be inclusive of consultant's fees. Buyer is willing to pay whats agreed to by both traders plus fees. Seller must pay consultancy fees out of seller's account because the buyer is a trader therefore unable to pay fees to intermediaries. Recently dated 3 page screen shots and a FPA is require. NO BROKER CHAINS are workable. We need a rep to rep (or person direct to the seller or securities officer)call before engaging.

2nd BUYER:CREDIT LINE Please inform the seller that the procedures as mentioned initially, are as follows, the purchase is made via a non-recourse loan, and takes up to 10 business days to transact and complete purchase. For the inconvenience of this procedure, the buyer is willing to pay up to 300% of invoice price, (the invoice price is the original price paid for the CMO). If the seller is willing to sell under this procedure then we can move forward and toward closings. Let me know. This is a viable method of sale, and they make more money, and consultant's fees are paid by the buyer. Buyer is reputable!

Greg Clark

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