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Country: China
Name: Lihua BI
Company: [email protected]
Address: A5028, Lianxing, Plaza, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Phone: 86-0757-29267741
Fax: 86-0757-29267742
Request Date: Sep 04, 2011
Buy Request
Foshan Qi Hang Xin Industrial Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional agent which has been dealing with imports of spare parts for machinery in China for many years.
Now we need these GE spare parts made in USA below,if you can offer,please send email to us.
P/N Description of the goods QTY
256A1129P002 Valve, Needle GE 4
256A 1129P017 Valve, Needle G E 2
348A5821 P002 Valve, Check GE 40
114A5585P003 Regulator, Filter GE 4
336A2436P001 Valve Check, GE 40
235A5840P005 Nozzle, Purge GE 2
286A6052P001 Valve, Selector GE 2
298A7785P005 Valve, Ball GE 2
235A7759P001 Separator, Air GE 4
226A2496P014 Clamp Hose GE 8
225A7940P002 Valve, Butterfly GE 4
226A2497P005 Hose GE 3
286A6349P008 Clamp, Hose GE 2
158A7433P005 Valve, Needle GE 2
277A1496P001 Precooler GE 2
114A4573P002 Filter,Fluid Pressure Purge GE 4
158A7569P004 Valve, Pressure Relief GE 2
261A1317P001 Valve, False Pressure Regulating GE 2
158A7585P005 Valve Temperature Activated GE 2
226A1474P001 Blower GE 2
226A1006P002 Valve, Atomizing Air bypass GE 2

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