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Country: France
Name: harold c christian
Company: hcc ( spec ialty products ) llc
Address: 1053 fairwood lane
Phone: used e-mail
Fax: used e-mail
Request Date: Nov 30, 2010
Buy Request
Dear Sir

I need a plant location zone for manufacturing as large as I can get with as much equipment present or left as possible, at leave three place too bid on and I need those location to know that I’ll be try in got locate their so I can bargain for any tax’s incentive that applied, I be employing about 500 people right off

I need to at least get this process start I have two contract agree waiting signing one of 249 million a year a running contract a another for email l market that seen to be running a 4, thousand dollar a month but their over a billions dollar in buyer inquiry that should be hitting there bank soon I’ll need some where to build the most of these product s

as large as possible open up with at least 6 assembly will increase by at least 5 in one year need a plant that will survives at 2 years with all supporting departments, that welding shop, machine shop, paint department, plating department, sheet metal plus molding department and all assembly line and receiving department t and shipping department , so it have to at a minimal have and meet these requirement and any usable equipment still in places a plus

Looking for area in Europe, francs, England, Spain, Russian or European country


Harold C Christian

President and Inventor R/D Head

HCC (Specialty Products) LLC I.D 340-032-2

1053 Fairwood Lane Olathe

Kansas, 66061

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