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Country: South Sudan
Name: Kengen Jakor
Company: Mofep Ventures
Address: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MoFEP), Juba, Central Equitoria, South Sudan.
Phone: 8034282840
Request Date: Feb 12, 2020
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We are looking for a reliable company for the supply of underlisted agricultural products: camolino rice 2%, 3%, 4%, broken,short and medium grain rice,long grain white rice,brown rice,basmati rice, super kernel basmati,crisp rice,jasmine white rice,round grain rice,japonica rice,sushi rice,fragrant rice,parboiled rice,sharbati rice,instant cup rice,rice flour,black rice,adzuki bean, alubia beans, arrowroot,black matpe, black eyed beans, barley,buckwheat flour, black & green gram,black pepper, barley malt, bread flour,borlotti beans, butterfly corn, bulgar,butter beans, basil,chick peas, corn starch, cranberry beans,coffee bean, cashew nuts, chickpeas flour,cardamom, common bean, carbanzo, cloves,coriander, cumin seed, creamy kidney bean,chia seed, corn flour, chana dal, couscous,chilli (amarillo, flakes, jalapeno, panca)
chilli (chipotle, kashmiri), corn grits,dried fruits (dates, figs, apricot, prunes, raisins)
egg powder,fava, flageolet beans, fenugreek,green peas, galangal, ginger, guargum,haricot beans,
instant coffee, isolated soy protein,kidney bean-light speckled kidney bean, lima bean,
lentils, linseed golden,moong dal, masoor dal, mushrooms, maces,millet, maize corn flour, moong bean flour,mushroom corn, mint,noodles & pastas products, nutmeg,oats flakes,pearl millet flour, popcorn maize, peanuts,pinto beans, pigeon pea,quinoa,rice, red kidney bean, red chilli,rosemary,sweet corn, sunflower meal, soya beans,soyameal, self raising flour, sesame seeds,sorghum, sumac,turmeric, thyme, tapioca,vaal dal,white kidney bean, wheat bran, white peas,yellow and green peas, yellow corn,yellow & white maize, yellow kidney bean so contact me through my email at [email protected] for further details.

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