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Country: Canada
Name: esam bak
Company: XDO Net Work Corp.
Address: 600 Ouellette Ave 202 / 2
Phone: 5197962886
Request Date: Dec 07, 2018
Buy Request
Trial Order
Trail Order Chicken Paws 27 MT 20x40' ( 20 Containers/54O Tons)
Trail Order Chicken MJW 27 MT 10x40' ( 10 Containers/270 Tons )

30 Fcl Container's for both chicken paws and mjw

Monthly Contract Order Chicken Paws 27 MT / 70x40' ( 70 Containers/l890 Tons)
Monthly Contract Order Chicken MJW 27 MT / 30x40' ( 30 Containers/810 Tons)

The goods are intended for import to China, Shanghai Port in particular.

Stock Temper: -18s Celsius
Blast frozen at -40 s Celsius
No Feathers and Clean
Moisture Less than 30%
No Bad Smell
No Bruise
No Dark Spot
No Chemical Burns
No Blood
Broken bones less than 2%
Yellow skin and outer nail removed
Ammonia Bums Less than 1%
Length of Chicken Paws: 5cm - 8cm
Weight of Chicken Paws: 30g - 35g
Weight of Chicken Mid Joint Wing: I5g- 459

600 Ouellette Ave Suit 202
Windsor, Ontario
Phone +1(519)796 2886 Viber +1(519)796 2886
Imo +1(519)796 2886 Skype xdo network corp
Linkedin XDO Net Work
Email [email protected]

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