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Travel and Tourism Information

Visa and Passport

Canadian Passport Information
Find out how to apply for a Canadian passport, check processing times for passport applications, find service locations, learn about new requirements, and see what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

Canadian Visa Information
Find out what you need to visit Canada as a tourist or business person, how to extend your stay in Canada and what documents you need to carry with you to transit through Canada.

Canadian Immigration Information
Find out how you can immigrate to Canada, how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada.

U.S. Consular and Travel Information (including U.S. visa and passport
Passport and visa information for both U.S. citizens and foreign citizens.

Travel Advisories

Australian Government Travel Advisories
Travel advisories from the Australian government on different countries in the world.

British Government Travel Advisories
British foreign travel advisories for countries and territories.

Canadian Government Travel Advisories
Travel Advice and Advisories pages provide Canadians travelling and living abroad with official Government of Canada information and advice on situations that may affect their safety and well-being.

U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Alerts
U.S. Travel warnings and alerts. Check this before going abroad. Travel Warning is issued when you need to consider very carefully whether you should go to a country at all. Examples of reasons for issuing a Travel Warning might include unstable government, civil war, ongoing intense crime or violence, or frequent terrorist attacks. Travel Alert is issued for short-term events that you should know about when planning travel to a country. Examples of reasons for issuing a Travel Alert might include an election season that is bound to have many strikes, demonstrations, or disturbances; a health alert like an outbreak of H1N1; or evidence of an elevated risk of terrorist attacks.

Travel Tips

Know Before You Go: For International Travelers
Know Before You Visit the U.S. - Almost a million individuals enter the U.S. daily. Everyone arriving at a port of entry to the U.S. is subject to inspection by Customs and Border Protection officers for compliance with immigration, customs and agriculture regulations. The more international travelers know about what to expect, the easier and quicker the process becomes.

Tips for Traveling Abroad - Travelers Checklist
A trip requires careful planning. There are important steps you can take to prepare for a safe trip anywhere outside the United States.

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for International Travelers (PDF)
A guide for international travelers to the U.S. Learn some tips on preparing for your trip, prohibited and restricted items and navigating passenger processing.

Information for U.S. Citizen Travelling Abroad (PDF)
I Am a U.S. Citizen: How Do I Get Information About Requirements for Travelling Abroad?

Prepare for Takeoff: Prohibited Items List - US
Planning ahead and packing properly can facilitate the screening process and ease your travel experience at the airport. Know what you can pack in your carry-on and checked baggage before arriving at the airport by reviewing the lists.

Safe Travel
Discuss hazardous materials that may be prohibited in checked or carry-on baggage in commercial aircraft, or have restrictions.

Pack Safe
What to pack before flying? Check your luggage for hazardous materials before flying.

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