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Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions

The following are embassies, consulates and high commissions of other countries to El Salvador:

Guest: Argentina
City: San Salvador
Address: 79 Av. Norte y 11 Calle Poniente No.704, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-3638, 263-3564, 263-3675
Fax: 263-3687
Email: Request Information

Guest: Belize
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle el Bosque oriente y Calle Lomas de Candelaria No. I, Block "P", Colonia Jardines de la 1ra. Etapa
Telepone: 248-1423
Email: Request Information

Guest: Canada
City: San Salvador
Address: 63 Av. Sur y Alameda Roosevelt, Local 6, Nivel Lobby II, San Salvador, El Salvador
Telepone: (503) 2279-4655
Fax: (503) 2279-0765
Email: Request Information
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Chile
City: San Salvador
Address: 9a Calle Poniente y Pasaje Bella Vista No 121, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador
Telepone: (503) 2263-4285 y (503)2263-4346
Fax: (503) 2263-4308
Email: Request Information
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: China
City: San Salvador
Telepone: 22637592, 22635813, 22645570
Fax: 22646075
Email: Request Information
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Colombia
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle El Mirador 5120, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-1936, 263-1947
Fax: 263-1942

Guest: Costa Rica
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle Cuscatlán No. 4415, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 264-3863, 264-3864, 264-3865
Fax: 264-3866

Guest: Dominican Republic
City: San Salvador
Address: Avenida República Federal de Alemania No. 163, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-1816, 263-1817
Fax: 263-1816

Guest: Ecuador
City: San Salvador
Address: 77 Avenida Norte No.208, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-5258, 263-5323
Fax: 263-5258

Guest: Egypt
City: San Salvador
Address: Gohar 9a. Calle Poniente y 93 Avenida Norte 12-97. Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 211-5887
Fax: 263-2411

Guest: France
City: San Salvador
Address: 1a Calle Poniente #3718, Col. Escalón, San Salvador
Telepone: +503 22 79 40 16 ou 17 ou 18
Fax: +503 22 98 15 36
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Germany
City: San Salvador
Address: 7a. Calle Poniente, No 3972, esqu. 77a Avenida Norte, Col. Escalón, San Salvador
Telepone: (+503) 2247-0000
Fax: (+503) 2247-0099
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Guatemala
City: San Salvador
Address: 15 Avenida Norte 135, San Salvador
Telepone: 271-2225, 222-2903
Fax: 221-3019

Guest: Honduras
City: San Salvador
Address: 3a. Calle Poniente No. 3697, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-2808
Fax: 263-2296

Guest: Isreal
City: San Salvador
Address: Centro Financiero Gigante, Torre B Piso 11, 63 Avenida Sur y Alameda Roosevelt, San Salvador, El Salvador
Telepone: (503) 22113434
Fax: (503) 22113443
Email: Request Information
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Japan
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle Loma Linda 258, Colonia San Benito
Telepone: 224-4740, 224-4618
Fax: 298-6685

Guest: Malta
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle Juan José Cañas No.251 entre 79 y 81 Avenida Sur. Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 216-0222, 216-0727

Guest: Mexico
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle Circunvalación, Pasaje 12. Colonia San Benito
Telepone: 243-3190, 243 2037
Fax: 243-0437

Guest: Nicaragua
City: San Salvador
Address: 71 Avenida Norte y 1a. Calle Poniente 164, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 223-7729, 223-9860, 224-0970, 224-1223
Fax: 223-7201

Guest: Panama
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle Salvador del Mundo, Av. Roosevelt, 2a. planta del Edificio COPA, frente al IPSFA, San Salvador
Telepone: 298-0773, 279-0234
Fax: 298-0773

Guest: Peru
City: San Salvador
Address: 7a. calle poniente No. 4111 Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-3326, 263-3315
Fax: 263-3310

Guest: Spain
City: San Salvador
Address: Calle La Reforma No. 167 bis. Colonia San Benito
Telepone: 298-1188, 223-6168
Fax: 298-0402

Guest: United Kingdom
City: San Salvador
Address: Paseo General Escalón 4828, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-6527, 263-6529
Fax: 263-6516

Guest: United States of America
City: San Salvador
Address: Final Boulevard Santa Elena, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad
Fax: 503-2278-5522
URL: Embassy Website

Guest: Uruguay
City: San Salvador
Address: Edificio Gran Plaza, local No. 405, Boulevard del Hipódromo, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador
Telepone: 279-1626, 211-2327, 211-2328
Fax: 279-1626

Guest: Venezuela
City: San Salvador
Address: 7a. Calle Poniente, entre 75 y 77 Avenida Norte, Colonia Escalón
Telepone: 263-3977, 263-3981
Fax: 211-0027

If the embassy or consulate information is incorrect or if you want to add a new embassy or consulate, please contact the webmaster.

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