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Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions

The following are embassies, consulates and high commissions of other countries to New Caledonia:

Guest: Australia
City: Noumea
Address: 19 av Mar Foch Ctre Ville, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 272414
Fax: 278001, 278270

Guest: Belgium
City: Noumea
Address: 4 r P.Monchovet B.Citrons 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 284646

Guest: Germany
City: Noumea
Address: 19 r Gazelle Aérodrome, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 261681

Guest: Indonesia
City: Noumea
Address: 2 r Lamartine Orphelinat, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 232880
Fax: 278435

Guest: Italy
City: Noumea
Address: 17 r Dr S.Tiburzio V.Colons, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 251315
Fax: 251316

Guest: Netherlands/Holland
City: Noumea
Address: 33 r Sébastopol Ctre Ville BP 370 Néa, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 284858

Guest: New Zealand
City: Noumea
Address: 4 bd Vauban Ctre Ville BP 2219 Néa, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 287278
Fax: 271740, 287280

Guest: Switzerland
City: Noumea
Address: 18 r J.Daly V.Plaisance BP 2352, 98800 NOUMEA.
Telepone: 261159

Guest: United Kingdom
City: Noumea
Address: 14 r Gal Sarrail Orphelinat BP 362 Néa, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 282153
Fax: 285144

Guest: Vanuatu
City: Noumea
Address: 53 r Sébastopol Ctre Ville, 98800 NOUMEA
Telepone: 277621
Fax: 277681

If the embassy or consulate information is incorrect or if you want to add a new embassy or consulate, please contact the webmaster.

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