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Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions

The following are embassies, consulates and high commissions of other countries to Congo:

Guest: China
City: Brazzaville
Address: Boulevard De Marechal Lyautey, Brazzaville (Mailing : B.P.213, Brazzaville)
Telepone: 831120, 831122
Fax: 837706

Guest: Denmark
City: Brazzaville
Address: Congolaise Industrielle des Bois, B.P. 145, Brazzaville
Telepone: 83 11 32
Fax: 83 33 79

Guest: Denmark
City: Pointe Noire
Address: Compagnie Forestiere Africaine, B. P. 1255, Pointe-Noire
Telepone: 940010
Fax: 94 3823

Guest: France
City: Brazzaville
Address: Rue Alfassa - BP 2089 - Brazzaville
Telepone: 815 541 (a543)

Guest: France
City: Pointe Noire
Address: 4 allee Nicolau - BP 720
Telepone: 940 002
Fax: 944 637

Guest: United Kingdom
City: Brazzaville
Address: Cote de L'Hotel Meridien, Rue Lyantey 26
Telepone: 838527
Fax: 837257

Guest: United Kingdom
City: Pointe Noire
Address: Congolaise de Developpement Foresties BP 127 Pointe Noire
Telepone: 944281
Fax: 940963

If the embassy or consulate information is incorrect or if you want to add a new embassy or consulate, please contact the webmaster.

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