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851610Heaters; electric, instantaneous or storage water and immersion heaters
851621Heating apparatus; electric storage heating radiators
851629Heating apparatus; electric soil heating apparatus and space heating apparatus (excluding storage heating radiators)
851631Hair-dressing apparatus; electro-thermic hair dryers
851632Hair-dressing apparatus; electro-thermic, other than hair dryers
851633Hand-drying apparatus; electro-thermic
851640Smoothing irons; electric
851650Ovens; microwave, of a kind used for domestic purposes
851660Ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters; of a kind used for domestic purposes (excluding microwaves)
851671Electro-thermic appliances; coffee or tea makers, of a kind used for domestic purposes
851672Electro-thermic appliances; toasters, of a kind used for domestic purposes
851679Electro-thermic appliances; n.e.c. in heading no. 8516, used for domestic purposes
851680Resistors; electric heating, other than those of heading no. 8545
851690Electro-thermic appliances; parts, of heating resistors, of water, space and soil heaters, hair-dressing apparatus, hand dryers, smoothing irons and other domestic appliances of heading no. 8516
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