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300610Pharmaceutical goods; sterile surgical catgut, suture materials, tissue adhesives, laminaria, laminaria tents, absorbable surgical or dental haemostatics, and surgical or dental adhesion barriers
300620Pharmaceutical goods; blood-grouping reagents
300630Pharmaceutical goods; opacifying preparations for x-ray examinations, diagnostic reagents designed to be administered to the patient
300640Pharmaceutical goods; dental cements and other dental fillings, bone reconstruction cements
300650Pharmaceutical goods; first aid boxes and kits
300660Pharmaceutical goods; chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones, on other products of heading 2937 or on spermicides
300670Pharmaceutical goods; Gel preparations designed to be used in human or veterinary medicine as a lubricant for parts of the body for surgical operations or physical examinations or as a coupling agent between the body and medical instruments
300691Pharmaceutical goods; appliances identifiable for ostomy use
300692Pharmaceutical goods; waste pharmaceuticals
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