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070920Vegetables; asparagus, fresh or chilled
070930Vegetables; aubergines, (e.g. plants), fresh or chilled
070940Vegetables; celery (other than celeriac), fresh or chilled
070951Vegetables; mushrooms of the genus Agaricus, fresh or chilled
070959Vegetables; truffles and mushrooms (other than of the genus Agaricus), fresh or chilled
070960Vegetables; fruits of the genus capsicum or of the genus pimenta, fresh or chilled
070970Vegetables; spinach, New Zealand spinach and orache spinach (garden spinach), fresh or chilled
070991Vegetables; globe artichokes, fresh or chilled
070992Vegetables; olives, fresh or chilled
070993Vegetables; pumpkins, squash and gourds (Cucurbita spp.), fresh or chilled
070999Vegetables; edible, n.e.c. in chapter 07, fresh or chilled
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