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China Customs Declaration Documentations

Customs Code
Inpection Documents Name
Documents Chinese Name
Issuing Authority Code
Issuing Authority Name
A Entry goods inspection and quarantine certificate入境货物通关单CIQChina entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
B Exit goods inspection and quarantine certificate出境货物通关单CIQChina entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
D Rough diamonds Entry / Exit Certificate毛坯钻石用出/入境货物通关单AQSIQGeneral Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine o of PRC
E Endangered Species allowed to export certificate濒危物种允许出口证明书MOAMinistry of Agriculture
FEndangered Species allowed to import certificate濒危物种允许进口证明书MOAMinistry of Agriculture
GDual-use items and technologies export license (directional)两用物项和技术出口许可证(定向)MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
HOPA (Outward Processing Arrangement) certificate香港工业贸易署发《内地加工纺织品OPA证明》TIDTrade and Industry Department of HongKong
HCertificate of processing textile products from the mainland澳门经济局签发《内地加工纺织品证明》MESMacao Economic Services
IPsychotropic drugs import and export permit精神药物进出口准许证CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
JGold and its products import and export permit黄金及其制品进出口准许证或批件PBOCPeople's Bank of China
KApplication form for deep processing深加工结转申请表CUSTOMS#N/A
LThe drug import / export licence药品进/出口准许证(蛋白同化剂、肽类激素)CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
MCryptographic products and equipment containing encryption technology import license密码产品和含有密码技术设备进口许可证OSCCAState Password Administration
OAutomatic import license (mechanical and electrical products)自动进口许可证(机电产品)MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
PSolid waste import license固体废物进口许可证MEPMinistry of Environmental Protection of PRC
QImported Drug license & Customs clearance Note进口药品通关单CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
RImported Veterinary license & Customs clearance Note进口兽药通关单MOAMinistry of Agriculture
SImported pesticide registration certificate进出口农药登记证明MOAMinistry of Agriculture
TForeign currency / RMB cash entry and exit permit银行调运外币/人民币现钞进出境许可证PBOCPeople's Bank of China
ULegitimate fishing product Customs clearance proof合法捕捞产品通关证明MOAMinistry of Agriculture
WPermit for import and export of narcotic drugs麻醉药品进出口准许证CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
XImport and export Toxic Chemicals Environmental Management Release Notification有毒化学品进出口环境管理放行通知单MEPMinistry of Environmental Protection of PRC
YCertificate of Origin原产地证明CIQChina entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
ZAudio-visual products Approval list of MOC音像制品进口批准单或节目提取单MOCMinistry of Culture of PRC
ZImport Radio and television program Extraction sheet音像制品进口批准单或节目提取单SARFTState Administration of Press,Publication,Radio,Film and Televiosion of PRC
cDomestic taxation contact list内销征税联系单CUSTOMSChins Customs Branch
ePreferential tariff rate quota of imported cotton quota permits关税配额外优惠税率进口棉花配额证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
qNational tariff quota certificate国别关税配额证明NDRCState Development Planning Commission of PRC
rPre classification mark预归类标志GACCGeneral Administration of Customs of PRC
sProof of the use of the goods for the purpose of the ITA tax rate适用ITA税率的商品用途认定证明CUSTOMSChins Customs Branch
tProof of duty quota关税配额证明MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
vAutomatic import license (processing trade)自动进口许可证(加工贸易)MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
xExport license (processing trade)出口许可证(加工贸易)MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
yExport license (border trade)出口许可证(边境小额贸易)MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
1Import license进口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
2Import license for dual-use items and technologies两用物项和技术进口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
3Export license for dual-use items and technologies两用物项和技术出口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
4Export license出口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
5Temporary Textile Export License纺织品临时出口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
6Prohibited import of used mechanical and electrical products旧机电产品禁止进口MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
7Automatic import license自动进口许可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
8Prohibited export commodities禁止出口商品MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
9Prohibited import commodities禁止进口商品MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
Medical toxic drugs import and export Approval documents医疗用毒性药品进出口批件CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
Radiopharmaceuticals import and export documents放射性药品进出口批件CFDAChina Food and Drug Administration
Civil Explosives Import / Export Approval documents民用爆炸物品进/出口审批单SASTINDState Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of PRC
Proof of export and exit of human genetic resource materials人类遗传资源材料出口、出境证明NHFPCNational Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC
Import and export Approval documents in human blood人体血液进出口批件NHFPCNational Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC
Stalactites export approval document钟乳石出口批件MLRMinistry of Land and Resources of PRC
Technology Import and Export license技术进出口证可证MOFCOMMinistry of Commerce of PRC
Crafts import and export permit美术品进出口批件MOCMinistry of Culture of PRC
Military Products export licenses军品出口许可证SASTINDState Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of PRC
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