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U.S. Foreign Trade Data

Balance of Payments International Data (International Transactions, Services and Investment Position)
The U.S. balance of payments summarizes quarterly economic transactions of the United States with foreigners (i.e., foreign countries and international organizations). These transactions include trade in goods and services, receipts and payments of income, current and capital transfers, and transactions in U.S.-owned and foreign-owned assets.

Freight Data and Statistics
U.S. Freight transportation data and statistics, special and technical reports, facts etc.

North American Transborder Freight Data (Search Database)
The North American Transborder Freight Database, available since April 1993, contains freight flow data by commodity type and by mode of transportation (rail, truck, pipeline, air, vessel, and other) for U.S. exports to and imports from Canada and Mexico. The database includes two sets of tables; one is commodity based while the other provides geographic detail. The purpose of the database is to provide transportation information on North American trade flows. This type of information is being used to monitor freight flows and changes to these since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the United States, Canada and Mexico in December 1992 and its entry into force on January 1, 1994. The database is also being used for trade corridor studies, transportation infrastructure planning, marketing and logistics plans and other purposes. It allows users to analyze movement of merchandise by all land modes, waterborne vessels, and by air carriers.

U.S. Monthly Trade Balances
U.S. Monthly Trade Balances by country on a monthly basis.

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