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Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I not getting inquiries? I am an exporter.
There may be several reasons that you are not receiving inquiries:

1. You did not fill in your company profile in details.
Many people will look at your company information before contacting you. Any incomplete or simple description may reflect negatively of your company. Make sure that you have completed all your company information as much as possible, including full address, phone, fax, cell, Skype etc. and detailed description of your company.

2. You did not create a product showcase for all of your products.
It will be very difficult for buyers to find you if you did not set up a showcase for all of your products. The more products you set up, the more chances they will find you.

3. Your products in showcase do not have enough photos or details.
Provide as much details as possible. At the same time, upload more than one photo for your products. This will help the customers understand the features of your products and what it looks like from all angles. Remember, you want to make it standout from the competitions.

4. Your products are displayed at the bottom of the list.
When people look in the showcase or search for products, they will most likely browse through the products in the first few pages. If your products are ranked near the end of the list among thousands, it is very likely that they may not see your products. Consider using the Keyword Ranking Option to move your products to the top of the list. You pay only when the buyers look at your products.

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