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OpenKoreaTrading Co.

OpenKoreaTrading Co.

Location: Seoul, Korea, Seoul, Korea - Republic of
Business Type: Export - Manufacturer / Trading Company
No. of Employees: 8
Member Since: 2001
This firm is OpenKorea Trading Co. in Republic of Korea Seoul.
We are beauty art article full text export company.
We are exporting to Italy, the United States America current.
We are handling beauty art article of new form.
It is beauty art article of Patch form that use mainly once.
It is products for whole face or skin supervision of specification region.
We want extension of export area.
See picture and explanation of some product below.
Product introduction .

Whitening Essence Mask has a fast absorbency and softening effect and prevents dryness of skin or skin trouble.
Therefore, it maintains your skin soft and moisturized. Its highly concentrated nutritive ingredients slow down aging
process, whitens, firms and soothe your skin. It renews your tired skin into more beautiful and healthy skin.

Self-Heating Cleansing Mask works like a hot towel tratment. It heats up instantly to liquefy
oily residue on the skin, thus
providing the deepest clean possible. After just 60 seconds the mask can be rinsed off leaving
your skin softer and more

Physically and mentally exhausting days, late nights. They can really take the energy out of you, especially on your
eyes. Now, there's simple way to treat yourself at home with a soothing therapy for those tired eyes.
Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Pads are pre-moistened soft pads that have real cucumber & other rejuvenating natural
extracts, such as aloe vera gel, green tea and chmomile. These soft pads are uniquely designed to stay in place on
your eyes while you lid back and relax. Enjoy using them at anytime when you feel like being rejuvenated. They will
help you relieve stress and get rid of those dark circles under your eyes. After a short time of treatment, you will feel
the spirit of rejuvenation in all that you do.

Imagine what it would be like if you could bring the spa home to you. Pampering yourself could be as easy as peeling
open a treatment pack and placing the pre-moistened pad on your face.
Introducing VITA-C Facial Pads. A revolutionary skin treatment that rehydrates and revitalizes your skin.
VITA-C Facial Pads are soft pads pre-moistened with the A ntioxidant vitamin C and other natural ingredients like aloe,
witch hazel & gourd extracts. The gourd(exotic Asian squash)extract is know to reduce swelling. These pads are
specially dosinged to rest on your face as you lie back and relax. Enjoy the cooling sensation and aroma of VITA-C
Facial Pads as it delivers an instant surge of moisture to your face. Diminish the effects of sun damage, environmental
stress, and counteract visible skin slackening with a treatment like no other. Give yourself the gift of utter relaxation and
indulgence in a new kind of spa experience

"Acne Patch", containing DF-100, Tenshin, Tea Tree Oil as the ingredients among others, has a great effect on
removing and soothing pimples or swollen area around the pimples. This functional product having significant effects
on disinfection, antibiotic and antioxcidant actions , when applied to the area of squeezed acne, quickly heals the
damaged skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and wound-treating effect

There is more various kinds product among others.
But is difficult to send all.
Can make by trademark that want in your company.
Thank you .

OpenKorea Trading Company / Kim Jong-min
Tel : 82-2-654-6350
C.P : 82-017-201-2328
E-mail : [email protected]

Products: Skin care products (O.E.M)
Address: 3F., 211-119, Sangdo-Dong, Dongjak-Gu,
City: Seoul, Korea
State/Prov.: Seoul Phone No.: 82-2-654-6350
Zip/Postal Code: Fax: 82-2-651-1873
Country: Korea - Republic of Cell:
Contact: Kim Jong-min