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Customs Brokers Kazakhstan

Search for Customs Brokers in Kazakhstan.

Customs brokers help importers clear the goods through customs. Many also offer specialized services to help importers develop new product lines, explore new markets, evaluate the impact of global change, and cut costs.

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JV Kazakhstan Logistics Service
Almaty,Kunaeva Str.,64,offis 21
Country: KZ
Telephone: 73 25 79 , 736867,732992,
Fax: 732579, 735303

International transport logistics, services LLP
Almaty,Kunaeva Str.,18
Country: KZ
Telephone: 713351, 506189, 508000
Fax: 506188

Almaty,Naurizbai batira Str.,65\69
Country: KZ
Telephone: 509212,676832,504749,
Fax: 509244

Panalpina World Transport LLP
Almaty,Dostik Str.,117\6
Country: KZ
Telephone: 507171,fax 509385

CLL Dostar
Almaty,Seifulinf Str.,434
Country: KZ
Telephone: 324734, 392820,794370, 791574,
Fax: 322708, 791607

Accept Terminal LLP
Almaty,Kunaeva Str.,32
Country: KZ
Telephone: 587070,588130,588366,
Fax: 501307, 507792

Globalink Logistics Group
52, Kabanbai Batyr Str
Country: KZ
Telephone: 588880,505902,582441,
Fax: 588885, 582440

Transsystem LLP
Almaty,Abay Str.,76\109
Country: KZ
Telephone: 582091,581818,
Fax: 582781, 424847

Nissa Ltd
Almaty,Seifulin Str. Ange Gorkogo
Country: KZ
Telephone: 584489, 584490, 584000
Fax: 791604

Tranco CJSC
Almaty,Furmanov Str.,103
Country: KZ
Telephone: 588800
Fax: 588117

Getisu Treid LLP
Almaty,Dgandosov Str.,2,offis 415
Country: KZ
Telephone: 502933,508006,
Fax: 476738

Almaty,Suyunbai Str.,617\a
Country: KZ
Telephone: 902476
Fax: 902441

Firma Keden Servis LLP
Kostanai,Gogol Str.,183-107
Country: KZ
Telephone: (3142)535597
Fax: 535554

Korporatsiya Biznes Inform
Almaty,Naurizbai batyra Str.,122
Country: KZ
Telephone: 673840,725730, 723416,
Fax: 723411

Gaikbroker LLP
Country: KZ
Telephone: (3112)555031, 555085,
Fax: 555348

Broker Service Ltd
Taraz,Tole bi Str.,79
Country: KZ
Telephone: (32622)72431
Fax: 77240

Firma Info-T
Country: KZ
Telephone: (3182)469641,469039
Fax: 465860, 546923

TEK Meridian
Country: KZ
Telephone: Fax 611509,614854

Isker LLP
Almaty,Auezov Str.,3
Country: KZ
Telephone: 689256, 680643, 420644
Fax: 424823, 680526

Almaty avtozenter KAMAZ
Almaty,Severnoe kolso Str.,49
Country: KZ
Telephone: 348175
Fax: 348172

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