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Contact Option

More sales leads means more business. Why not pro-actively contact multiple buyers, importers and potential customers in the community and offer them with your products and services?

Contact Option allows you to contact and send multiple proposals/quotations each day to importers/buyers/customers in the importers database and the RFQ database.

You have the options of sending additional:

  • 5 proposals /day for only $30/month
  • 10 proposals /day for only $40/month (SAVE $20)
  • 20 proposals /day for only $70/month (SAVE $50)
  • Access to importers worldwide and RFQ
  • Free professional web site with showcase
  • Communicate with buyers directly online
  • Explore new business opportunities and much more...
  • Be where your customers are!
  • Promote and market your services
  • Receive direct quote requests
  • Back office support, set up regional offices and much more...
If your business is Trade Shows, Customs, Trade Finance, Inspection, Insurance, Trade Laws, Trade Solutions, Translation or involves in foreign trade supply chain, you will want to be part of the world largest international B2B trade community.