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B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL) - List H

Global B2B supplier and buyer blacklist (SBBL) database contains user-generated list of suppliers and buyers (including factories, brokers, trading companies, companies in the supply chain and buyers etc.) from around the world that have been reported due to fraud, scam, unresolved dispute, deceiving or unethical practices.

If your company has been a victim of fraud, scam or unethical practices, you can report it and warn others. Only volume import/export incidents are reviewed (No individual purchases).


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Company Country Incident
Hongextra Technology Electronic Ltd, China
China 553
Hongextra Technology Electronics Ltd., China
China 554
Hongfat Hardware & Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
China 555
HongKong Angrand Tech
China 556
Hong Kong 557
HongKong CINGO Technology Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 558
HongKong Huadian Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 559
Hongkong Kangshuo Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 560
HongKong Kunsheng Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 561
HongKong Leiming Ltd.
Hong Kong 562
HongKong Lida Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong 563
Hongkong Qifeng Ltd.
Hong Kong 564
HongKong TD Mobile Wholesale - Victor Dong
China 565
HongKong Wai Ming Co., Ltd.
China 566
Hongkong Wells Trading Co. Ltd
China 567
Hong Kong 568
Hong Kong 569
Hongsheng Diagnostic Tools
China 570
Hoping Electronic Trading Ltd.
Hong Kong 571
HSS Nonwoven Limited
China 572
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