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Sail Exports
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Sail Exports
701/L, Jhabewal, Chandigarh Road, National Highway 95, Bholapur, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141123, India
T Shirts
6,001 to 12,000 USD
Australia/New Zealand
Our company placed an order with Sail Exports - Aditya Goel managing director in April 2015 and as usual asked the manufacturer to supply pre-production samples. The supplier promptly did so and the samples were delivered and approved. In May 2015 the production was completed according to Sail exports and we asked them to provide proof of completion. Sail exports took photo's of some completed T Shirts and these were correct and as per the original pre-production sample. Our terms with the factory were C&F sea freight but the factory offered to air freight the shipment for extra funds by consolidating the order with another consignment coming to Australia. We have done this before ourselves to receive a better price so agreed. Sail exports provided proof of shipment to Australia via their forwarder - correct postcode destination and correct carton quantities with screen shots of events such as arrival times etc but oddly the tracking number and consignee details were removed. Payment was made on the evidence that Sail exports provided. The freight details supplied by Sail Exports were verified by the cartage company but without the actual consignment verification number could not be properly tracked. The consignment was never delivered, but cartons were shipped to Australia. After 2 months of chasing the factory Sail exports for confirmation the order was in fact shipped with evidence and receiving constant assurances that the order would be delivered the next day, the order was cancelled. The factory Sail exports even went so far as to provide a fake proof of delivery at one point. Most telling was our request to provide evidence of shipment so that the late delivery date could be extended - Aditya Goel confirmed that he would produce this evidence but never did. In our twenty years experience that only ever indicates that nothing was ever even produced and sail exports and Aditya Goel only ever produced enough to secure payment, even going so far as to ship something or empty air to Australia and produce enough of the order to complete the deception.

First time a factory has ever produced so much evidence to confirm that the order was completed, but wasn't. The factory is a registered business in India and the samples provided were true and correct so they had the capacity to produce the order. You never truly know the factory is being honest unless the product is sighted in full by either yourself or a reputable 3rd party.

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