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Rapide 3D + IONNOI Digital Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Rapide 3D + IONNOI Digital Ltd
Hong Kong
2512 Langham Place Office Tower, 8 Argyle street, Mongkok, KLN, Hong Kong
12,001 to 25,000 USD
Western Europe
This company who also operates in Schenzhen, China jointly with a company called HOMEPIN who they share building with on: no 8, Building B, F!, Lingwu Industrial road, Maobang Industrial Area, Junzibu village, Guanian Sub-district, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China. I met the owner/manager Mr Ethan Hunt on exhibition in Hong Kong. Their 3D-printer looked interesting. I went to see their factory in Shenzhen and placed a small test order plus some consumables, total USD 24.000. I had a constant contact with Ethan Hunt and also met again and all seemed ok. Then he could not deliver and agreed to pay me back my money. I sent him an invoice which he has not paid. Despite many promises to do so. After meeting him in London last year and again reminded him to pay - he has disappeared and made himself invisible. Can not get in touch and he does not reply to mail or phone calls. The guy is probably from Australia. Seem to be a good person at first who I thought had everything in place with his business. But obviously he is just a con and scam artist. The factory in China seemed to be up and running - but very possible is just a facade. Also watch out for his croonies company HOMEPIN. They are buddies and from same company.

I have been doing business ordered goods from around the world for a very long time. I have always done the checks I should and never really had a problem. This person I met in a big trade show. No warning flags about his person or his engagement in the products. Met him in his (?) office and factory. That I thought was ok. Test order small, still you can run into people like this! So obviously one has to control even harder.

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