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Qingdao Liuhesheng Chemical Co.,Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Qingdao Liuhesheng Chemical Co.,Ltd
ROOM 407, 9#Xiuzhan Road, Shandong, South Area Of Qingdao City, China
Sodium Cyanide
25,001 to 100,000 USD
After several meetings with Mr. Maartens and having been introduced to Qingdao Chemicals by him, we started to deal with Qingdao by e-mail via a lady called Abby. They provided phone numbers which we also spoke to them on. These were as follows +86-0532-84090774 and +86-0532-84090774. Also her e-mail address which was [email protected] all was very plausible and our 3rd party due diligence only flagged one item of concern , which was that they they were not able to get a photograph of the factory,as it was a hazardous chemical site and special permission would be needed,which would take a further 3 months to get. We proceeded on the basis of all 29 other points having come up as positive! When the first container of "cyanide " arrived in Harare, it contained stones! The 60% deposit we paid on the next 3 containers never materialised at all!

All efforts to contact Abby suddenly dried up. We kept in touch with Mr. Maartens and he professes innocence on his part! We do not believe that. We have found out that he has done this before with a different client and supplier! We have default judgement against him in South Africa and may have to proceed with sequestration of his estate, as he is pleading poverty!

Never to deal with him, his company Sira Mining Technologies, or the so called Qingdao Liuhesheng Chemical Co,. Ltd. Any help that anyone could give us to try and help recover our money, would be gratefully accepted!

Always have full 3rd party due diligence done and visit business directly oneself or with someone known and trusted, before any dealings are carried out! Also hindsight is easy, get an independent check on what you have done by a completely impartial party.

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