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P&N Worldwide Co. Ltd. - LRB PARIS
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

P&N Worldwide Co. Ltd. - LRB PARIS
Hong Kong
3rd Floor, Hang Seng, North Point Bld, , No 335-341 Kings Road, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Whitening treatment cleanser; silky touch mask; magic drop; golden ion cleansing powder (4pcs / box)
1,001 to 3,000 USD
The person participated the SIAL exhibition in Paris and gave me his name-card, his email correspondence seemed very professional, they even gave us samples at the exibition in Hong Kong, but when we received the goods, it was a disaster. Our clients claimed that the color went off, the goods are illegally imorted into China Mainland, consumers claimed that their skin has side-effects and the person Mr. Murat Gece is rather rude and unprofessional. We only asked for a proper solution for goods replacement and he suddenly became a racist and act against Chinese people. He said that if he would come to our office, it may be a "garbage place" and that's why the goods have issues. Don't believe this introduction of proudcts "You can see the instant beauty results with both series soon as you apply on your skin. Below is the link that presenting our Magic Pen Series and attached you can find the detail information″. This is their signature, I felt so free to add several codes here: [IMG][/IMG]

Be careful about that firm, they are only saying that they are "since 1996" in business and selling to beauty saloons and spas, but this is not the truth. This person just gets those products from a factory in Shenzhen area and pack it under the French brand name. Please purchase goods only directly from the company they are supposed to be, don't get it somehow through a middle man, not to mention that it is hard to trust Turkish people in the first place.

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